Tuesday, April 24, 2007

In case anyone actually reads this

Most of my time is spent http://schoolinmy30s.blogspot.com/

Dealing with school and such


Thursday, November 30, 2006

Still Unemployed but that is ok

Baby cousin has a blog for her time in Ireland found http://wanderingtime.blogspot.com/ definitely a must read and not just because she's singing my praises!

Still job hunting, unemployment is a life saver. I'm sending out resumes left and right but so far I've only heard back from the people who want me to sell life insurance on commission only or something like that. No thanks.

Spent Thanksgiving at the Grandparents abode and the brother flew in. Brought the twins and made me happy, tired but happy.

Christmas is going to be spent at Disneyland with myself, my mother, my brother and the three and a half year old twins. I need to go into endurance training now I think.

Getting more done around the house, the living room is as done as it's going to be until I win the lottery, or get a job, except for putting stuff back on the walls. Next is sorting and organizing pictures and deciding where to put them.

Yep, that is me, I'd post more if more things happened I think. =)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

It's been a while

Almost a year later, but that is what the internet is all about isn't it?

I'm officially unemployed, and I'm ok with that, but looking again for a job. My sweet adorable nephews are 3 now, not that I am biased but they're the cutest things to walk this earth.

Right now I'm reveling in my lack of responsibility when it comes to working. Catching up on some sleep and still playing WoW way too much. Resumes are out however and I am actively looking, just not freaking out about it quite yet.

Dogs are still a pain, San Diego is still beautiful and everything else is pretty much status quo.

I figured with all of my 'free time' I'd try this blogging thing again. If nothing else I can vent frustrations or other things and pretend people actually read it. I am nothing if I am not entertaining to the masses!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Keith Parkinson

Keith Parkinson
Oct. 22, 1958 – Oct. 26, 2005

Wednesday afternoon, while surrounded by his family Keith Parkinson passed away after a 16 month battle with Leukemia. Keith was a wonderful person, a fantastically talented artist, a good friend and most importantly a loving husband and father.

He was getting better, he had had a transplant a year ago and the prognosis was good. I wasn’t there for the every day updates but the last time I had spoken with his wife she was optimistic. This man was one of the friendliest people I knew, very kind and happy. Even right out of the hospital after a treatment with no hair I saw him and he was upbeat. His talent was extraordinary, his work awe inspiring.

On of my favorite memories of Keith was right after he moved out here to San Diego. He ran a one shot DnD game that I got to attend. He was trying to get us in a situation where we were in trouble and I rolled a natural 20 so this plan completely didn’t work. If you’ve never played DnD just suffice it to say I thwarted his plan and he had to improvise. I got the best annoyed look from him for that, it was a fun afternoon.

The last time I actually saw Keith was when they were doing a drive for the Leukemia National Registry. He was upbeat and excited that so many people had come glossing over the fact that we were all there simply because we loved him.

Keith was 47 years old and he will be missed, by his family and friends, by his fans and by those who didn’t even realize he touched their lives with his art. You can see his genius on many different book covers, mostly fantasy by Eddings, Goodkind, Brooks and others.

If you would like to make a donation in Keith’s memory please donate to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society:


Friday, October 07, 2005

Getting Older and reflecting

Getting Older and reflecting

So I have one of those birthday things coming up and I like to take some time around then to reflect a bit and see where I am and what I’m doing.  I did this about a month ago talking about expectations but now I think it’s time to take stock.

Job – Check, love my job and am impressing the hell out of my boss, being competent is nice sometimes

Home – it’s messy but I own it so it works out.  Now that the garage door is back on (omg that was drama) everything seems to be in working order.  Besides I live in San Diego, how can I complain!

Possessions – I have too many, we cleaned out a huge part of the garage last year, and I’ve been giving away clothing like it’s going out of style, but I need to clean out, throw away and simplify even more.

Relationships – Family  -- everything here seems good, I’m on speaking terms with everyone, friendly terms with most and I have those nephews to spoil.

Relationships – Personal – This part could use improvement but I’m happy with the dysfunctional way things work right now so I’m not going to change anything.

Financial – sucky, I’m in tons of debt and don’t make much money.  My goal for the next year is to significantly reduce that debt

Overall I think I’m doing alright, well even.  I think most people could use more money so I’m not unusual there, and everything else is good or could be fixed by being able to hire a maid.

So 33 here I come, single, employed and content with life and where it’s going.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Time goes on

Time goes on

Time passes and events happen in our lives.  Some seeming significant some seeming casual, but we don’t realize their significance until later.  Hindsight is 20/20 and all of that.

I have a new job, I was hired as a personal assistant though my job has morphed into something more.  It makes me proud to know that I can take a minimal job and turn it into more.  Now I just need to be paid for what I’m doing =)

Little things however, like shopping for groceries in a small Southern California beach town, can be an enlightening experience.  I love the unique feel that is a small California town.  I felt it up in Palo Alto when I was a kid, and I felt it in Pacific Beach today.  I don’t think I’ve quite found ‘home’ yet, whatever that is, but I think I’m getting closer.  

Home was a concept brought up by someone to me today, what is home?  Can we ever go home?  What makes someplace home?  The house where I grew up has been remodeled into something I don’t recognize, and I haven’t lived there since 1991 so that isn’t home anymore, I’ve lived here for the past four or so years, but this house isn’t home by any means.  However I do think San Diego is beginning to become home.

I’m healthier here than I’ve ever been, I am thriving in the sunshine even if I try to never go out into it.  I get to drive my little red convertible around and try to avoid getting sunburnt.  I love the climate, I love the atmosphere, and I think I love the small Southern California town.  I don’t live in one right now, I live in a suburb, but I think I’d like to live in one of those small costal towns, maybe a bit further up north, still in the county though.

What is the point of this rambling?  Nothing really, I can’t bring myself to write about issues, the poor and needy, those who are discriminated against, though they are all in my thoughts.  Day to day life sort of takes over, I’m tired at night now, from working all day, I wake up in the morning with things to do and places to go, and I’m tired when I get home in the evenings.  It’s a different perspective from being unemployed, I’m glad I have seen both sides.  I think I am honestly happier working, surprising as that is.  The paychecks are nice also, I like having the bank stay in the black, it makes life so much less stressful.

Though with my first paycheck I didn’t buy shoes like most girls would, I bought books.  Yes I am a geek but I’m ok with that.

So this isn’t an emotional update or insightful, it’s just a part of life, like walking down the street in a small California beach town.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Looking at 33

Just thoughts this time…

No article, no rants about how the government isn’t spending MY tax dollars well, just some random thoughts about life, that is what this blog thing was supposed to be about right?

I look around me at what people term ‘society’.  I grew up in a conservative religion and embrased that religion for a good portion of my life.  I grew up with expectations, about what I was going to do, where I was going to go, get married, have kids etc.  I was always encouraged to do whatever I wanted to do, but I never even fathomed a life without being married and having children.  

For some reason I thought it would all just drop into my lap without having to work at it or any trial and error.  Mr Right would show up one day, we’d ‘know’ immediately and get married to live happily ever after with 3.2 children and a dog.  Life isn’t like that now is it?

I see all these marriages and relationships that don’t work.  I see stress and strife, mis-communication, mis-understandings and realize yet again that life isn’t a fairy tale and mr right isn’t going to swoop in and take me away.  Hell if he tried I’d most likely press charges.

I do want my own child, and the older I get the more that comes to the forefront of my mind, simply as my body is getting older and it does make a difference in age when having a baby.  I do have my nephews, but as much as I love those two they’re not mine.  I could always adopt later, and if I don’t end up having my own I’ll end up adopting a little girl from some impoverished country.  I am simply fascinated by the genetic craps roll that happens when a child is made and which genes would breed true.

So here I am looking at my 33rd birthday, childless, spouseless, though I do have the dog.  I’m supporting myself, own my own house and car and I’m happy.  I hang out with a bunch of single people, some of which I’m closer to than others, but I am certainly not lonely by any means.  I do wish I had someone to come home to, to cuddle with when I’m feeling overwhelmed or upset, I think that is part of human nature, we are social animals.